Discover Pelion

Discover Pelion

Pelion is the exclusive secret of Greece.


This place hides dozens of beauties that will optimize your holidays in a pleasant way. Enjoy your stay in Pelion and give yourself a unique holiday in the mountain of your dreams. The dreamy peninsula of Pelion offers a landscape of immense beauty, which you will not find in any other place in Greece.

The interaction between the island and the mainland transforms your holiday into a unique experience. Beautiful and extensive beaches, breathtaking bays and idyllic fishing villages await you in Pelion! The olive groves and the more than 2,000 different species of plants you will find in the area will make your holiday experience even more special for you.

Pelion Prassouda


Enjoy your stay in Pelion to the fullest.


The unique landscape described above is not the only thing you can experience in Pelion. Admire unique preserved villages scattered throughout the mountain. Here you feel a little closer to the Greek gods and their myths. The deep blue sea is ideal for enjoying your bath and the sense of luxury you would otherwise only experience on Caribbean islands. Staying in Pelion has its advantages and is definitely a change from travelling to established travel destinations and crowded parties.


Mylopotamos Pelion


Holidays in Pelion - Optimal destination for your best memories and relaxation!


Greece has been for many years one of the most popular destinations for relaxing holidays for everybody. Apart from the popular areas dominated by tourism, the remote and particularly quiet destinations are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. A popular destination for travellers looking for a relaxing trip for any length of time is Pelion. In combination with the sea and the mountain, as well as an impressive nature and scenery, Pelion offers excellent conditions for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Natural harbors, small villages are scattered throughout Pelion waiting to be visited. The area is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more travellers deciding to spend their summer and winter holidays there. More and more people are looking for relaxation and maximum peace and quiet on their free days of the year and want to spend their holidays away from the big tourist centers. The area around Pelion is the ideal choice for this. Here not only will you find the peace and quiet you need to fully relax and leave the difficulties of everyday life behind, at the same time, Pelion invites you to experience and enjoy, as the spectacular landscapes and numerous attractions are ready and waiting to be explored by you.

Tsaggarada Pelion


Pelion - High quality holiday accommodation for your perfect holiday



If you too would like to choose a Pelion holiday, you now have many options available to you for the perfect trip. This is not only about general destinations, such as which village to choose or which beach to visit, but also about accommodation.

You too can create unforgettable holidays and spend particularly enjoyable days at an affordable price in Pelion. So that you can rely on comfort and security and as far as your accommodation is concerned, you will find a wide range of hotel options. Whether it is a modern and comfortably equipped holiday apartment or a luxurious villa where you can spend your holidays with your whole family, you will surely find the right accommodation for the ultimate dream holiday. Of course, all major facilities and destinations are accessible within a short time.

High quality rooms to let and comfortable villas guarantee you a pleasant stay in Pelion. Of course, booking also plays a very important role for you here. From a short stay of a few days to an extended holiday lasting week, almost anything is possible. Booking is particularly easy for you, and can also be done directly through the owners of the accommodation, and ensure you get the most out of it. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday in Pelion.


Jasteni Pelion


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November 30, 2022