Accommodation in Kymi

Kymi, a picturesque town in the region of Euboea, Greece, is known for its rich history, traditional architecture and impressive location. The town stretches along a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea and offers breathtaking panoramic views.
Visitors to Kymi can stroll through charming alleyways surrounded by traditional squares lined with authentic tavernas and cafés. The town is also known for its well-preserved neoclassical buildings, which offer a glimpse into its cultural and architectural past.
The surrounding area of Kymi is characterised by lush nature, with olive groves, cypress trees and fertile hills. The nearby beaches invite you to relax and enjoy the clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
Kymi is also known for its connection to the island of Skyros, as it is an important harbour for ferries connecting the two places. This historic town offers travellers a harmonious blend of culture, nature and sea breeze.a

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