Plataria - Epirus

Accommodation in Plataria - Epirus

The small port city of Plataria is located in the northwest of Greece. The charming place with its clean beaches, very good restaurants and holiday accommodations is embedded in an amazingly lush green landscape with many natural beauties and great biodiversity. Plataria is the first beautiful place when you drive from Igoumenitsa on the way to the south.

Just 10 km from the large port city of Igoumenitsa, the beautiful width surrounded by green hills and protected bay from Plataria with idyllic upstream islands, which invite you to bathing and boat trips. The near hinterland offers every reason for spectacular hikes in the mountains of Epirus with its breathtaking river and lake landscapes and the picturesque traditional mountain villages and coastal towns.

A trip to the capital Joannina with a inland with a small island in front of a mountain backdrop is also worth a day trip. The rich tradition of fishing and maneuvering olive trees is now reflected in the gastronomic offer of this small town full of charm and warm heart. A unique combination complements with a rich cultural heritage in old olive groves and extensive ices.

The calm and warmth as well as the hospitality of the locals make this place an unforgettable experience. The beautifully located, elongated bay, which opens up to the island of Corfu and shows the most beautiful sunsets on mild summer evenings, invites you to linger, real regeneration and to come back.


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